Understanding the livelihoods and aspirations of young people in the face of agrarian change and development in South Sulawesi

This report presents a detailed analysis and overview of the livelihoods, skills, education and aspirations of rural young people in the Maros Read more

Sustainable upgrading of the South Sulawesi seaweed industry

Coming soon, our major report on the seaweed industry in a major production area in Indonesia. Key points The creation of a Read more

woman in hard hat and holding walkey talkey looking at stack of shipping containers

Matching South Sulawesi young people’s education with fast growing industry needs

Indonesia has undergone rapid social and economic change in recent decades. Industrialisation has occurred in many areas and the move to democracy Read more

Developing a rapid assessment for seaweed qualities

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woman seated and wearing veil listening to woman who is seated and speaking

Review of vocational education and training programs in informing the future seaweed industry in South Sulawesi

Improving the skills of the workforce is a key priority for the Indonesian government and this can be achieved by enhancing the Read more

Row of about 10 people standing, one person seated in wheelchair, one man kneeling next to him

Empowering students with disabilities: Unhas seeks to unleash potential and ensure inclusivity

A student called Lala is part of the reason why Universitas Hasanuddin in Indonesia is working to create a more inclusive environment. Read more

Walkway with railing leading to a sheltered area with triangular roof

Building stronger university to industry relations: A case study at Universitas Hasanuddin

The Indonesian city of Makassar is served by the higher education public facility of Universitas Hasanuddin. The science-focussed university serves a province Read more

New transport fellows meet in Makassar to begin training program

Over three days a group of people with an interest in improving transport services in South Sulawesi came together as part of Read more