Virtual workshops connect researchers during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about a number of challenges in the way international research operates and also highlighted the critical role that research Read more

Australia-Indonesia diplomacy bolstered by next generation of researchers

The Australia-Indonesia Centre appointed 18 Associate Fellows to the Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) earlier this year. The group forms the next Read more

View from the hospital corridor: A blog by Dr Christrijogo

This blog from AIC Senior Fellow and practising anaesthetist Dr Christrijogo Sumartono gives a snapshot from the COVID-19 front line in Surabaya.

Overview: Place, people and connectivity in South Sulawesi

When Joko “Jokowi” Widodo became president of Indonesia in 2014, one of his boldest policy moves was to spend big on infrastructure. Read more

A wealth of experience on board to advise PAIR researchers in South Sulawesi

View this Media Release as a PDF The Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) is pleased to announce the establishment of its Research Advisory Panel Read more

Profitable, sustainable seaweed-sourced bio-ethanol edges closer

Seaweed has the potential to be a sustainable source of bio-ethanol, but compared to many other food and non-food sources, it is Read more

Identifying gaps that might limit the impact of South Sulawesi’s first railway

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Unlocking the potential of the South Sulawesi seaweed industry

Click here to download this release as a PDF The seaweed industry is big in South Sulawesi, but its potential is much Read more