The impacts of personal knowledge and risk perception on the effectiveness of behavioural change interventions for COVID-19 in Jakarta and South Sulawesi

To cope with the impacts of COVID-19, Indonesians have been asked to adopt measures that were disruptive to daily life and, for Read more

Maros landscape

Indonesian local government policymakers to receive regular updates on Australia-Indonesia Centre research

The youth from the Indonesian district of Maros are making a move not unfamiliar in developing economies; away from traditional farming roles to seek work in nearby cities.

COVID-19 and digital innovation: How Indonesia’s listed companies have responded to the global pandemic

Many companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) struggled to adapt to COVID-19 and global pandemic conditions.   The crisis triggered Read more

Advisory Panel endorses PAIR research on South Sulawesi railway for policy making

The Australia Indonesia Centre’s senior advisory group has given enthusiastic support to the work and findings of the transportation team. 

PAIR announces Young People and Skills Rapid Research programs

The Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) has greenlit five Young People and Skills Rapid Research projects, with results to be published later Read more

South Sulawesi rail line: Maximising benefits for people and freight

Researchers working on transport infrastructure have been out meeting communities in South Sulawesi to learn about their views of a potentially transformative Read more

researcher discuss with leader

Researchers build further links with South Sulawesi communities

A team of Australia-Indonesia Centre researchers working on health issues has travelled to parts of South Sulawesi to meet leaders and explain the value of their work.

Indonesia’s COVID-19 experience shows that data cooperation is crucial for the health sector

Universities, governments and the private sector must cooperate to take on the crucial task of integrating data to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic Read more