Young port workers in the maritime city of Makassar lack digital skills. Vocational schools can be the solution

The bilateral research initiative Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) this year found significant gaps in digital literacy and skills between the education system and industrial needs in South Sulawesi.

Railway line running through rice fields, power lines above, and mountains in the background

PAIR research supports Indonesian transportation ministry on South Sulawesi railway

The expectation is high that a new railway line connecting Makassar to Parepare will seamlessly link communities and boost economic growth and the AIC’s PAIR research program is working with the transportation policy agency to help achieve this.

Advocating for vocational education and young people in South Sulawesi

A PAIR team has advocated for vocational skills alignment in South Sulawesi by submitting several policy recommendations to the Indonesian directorate of vocational education.

Two men holding signed documents watched by two other men

PAIR Summit at Universitas Hasanuddin reflects on Australia-Indonesia connections across transport, commodities, education and health

Grand ideas for the development of South Sulawesi and Australia-Indonesia cooperation have been outlined during a conference in Makassar attended by leaders Read more

South Sulawesi’s fisheries looking for innovation to drive productivity

The head of South Sulawesi’s fisheries division is looking for innovation that will help create sustainable sea-based industries.

PAIR seaweed researchers meet Indonesian government ministries

The Australia-Indonesia Centre research team has finished collecting evidence about the seaweed industry and has been in Jakarta to discuss their work and how it can help policymakers create a sustainable sector for the future.

photo of Adrian Lochrin, Australian Embassy and Dr Eugene Sebastian exchanging gifts

PAIR researchers present findings to Australian Embassy in Jakarta

The culmination of four years of work under major Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) projects overseen by the Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) were presented to the Australian Embassy in Jakarta earlier this month.

Two men shaking hands while presenting a folder in front of a picture of South Sulawesi Governor

Transit oriented development and intermodal terminals the focus of talks between PAIR researchers and South Sulawesi transport leaders

Providing space for development around railway stations was a key theme of talks between PAIR researchers and the South Sulawesi transport department. Read more