About the Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR)

The Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) is an AIC initiative supported by the Australian Government, the Indonesian Government and 11 leading universities to advance the research linkages between the two countries and improve the impact of that research.

PAIR focuses on the importance of knowledge production and research capability building to support development, planning and policy-making for both countries.

Read more about PAIR in ‘PAIR: An overview’

It demonstrates a research pathway-to-impact model that spans countries and institutions and that can be applied to any problem or location. Through the model, we seek to achieve two end-of-program outcomes (EOPOs):

  1. A better quality of researched evidence that is relevant to and that addresses key policy challenges;
  2. Building a network of researchers that conducts demand-driven, applied and interdisciplinary research.

Our research tackles the challenges of ‘Connectivity, People and Place’. Connectivity is about connecting people and places, physically or non-physically, through transport or other communications.

As Indonesia invests big in building stronger physical linkages – especially in roads, ports, air and rail and between cities, towns, villages and islands – connectivity will have a significant impact and open up new possibilities for local communities.  Our research explores how newly connected communities can take advantage of new opportunities.