PAIR Annual Report 2020-2021

From the PAIR Program Director


I am delighted to present the second annual report of the Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR).

This report reflects PAIR’s impact over this past year. It covers what we do while measuring our progress towards our goal and end-of-program outcomes.

Read the full PAIR Annual Report 2020-2021 here

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us in deep and personal ways. The period 2020-21 changed PAIR at all levels. We have had to adjust the way we work across teams and locations, how we build connections between people and places, and manage projects and conduct research. For instance, we aligned with the Australian government’s Partnerships for Recovery agenda. All areas now embed the COVID-19 context. We transitioned to online workshops, round tables, summits and stakeholder engagement – developing new methods of building cross-border virtual teams and involving stakeholders in dialogues. Our researchers are using creative techniques to undertake research – from employing satellite data to map seaweed growth to experimenting with new processes of digital collaboration, data collection and stakeholder consultation.

We invested travel savings to trial a swift, evidence-based research approach that provides timely analysis on COVID issues for the policy community. Through experimentation, we are developing new digital outreach and advocacy strategies to help take our findings to the point where  decision-makers draw on our work to inform their policies, strategies or actions. Communications and advocacy become important as we ramp up our outputs in the form of reports, articles and webinars from now until the end of 2023 – when PAIR concludes. All our new insights will contribute to the knowledge base that will inform a post-pandemic recovery.

I hope you enjoy this survey of our second year.

Full report authored by Dr Eugene Sebastian; Contributors: Helen Fletcher-Kennedy, Dr Leonardo Pegoraro, Dr Hasnawati Saleh, Marlene Millott, Fadhilah Trya Wulandari, Dr Martijn van der Kamp, Helen Brown, Steve Wright, Kevin Evans and Lachlan Brooks.

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Program Director
Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR)

Executive Director
The Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC)