1 December: Supporting the development and aspirations of South Sulawesi’s youth

Young people play a crucial role in development and progress, and in South Sulawesi young people comprise 25% of the population. As the landscape shifts from agricultural to urban spaces, the opportunities for youth change. What are the aspirations of these young people and how can they be supported to reach their full potential?

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On Day 3, the AIC will host experts, including members of the Research Advisory Panel, from the government, knowledge and NGO sectors to discuss South Sulawesi’s youth. This will be followed by a panel discussion with PAIR researchers, who will discuss their findings to date and their plans for the next stage of their research. They aim to identify barriers to the fulfilment of youth aspirations and provide guidance on how governments can support them in education, training and empowerment.

Indonesian and Australian Government representatives will deliver opening and closing remarks.


  • Young People and Development: 1.00 pm – 1.50 pm AEDT (9.00 am – 9.50 am WIB)
  • Break: 1.50 pm – 2.00 pm AEDT (9.50 am – 10.00 am WIB)
  • Identifying the aspirations of South Sulawesi’s youth: research findings to date and future plans: 2.00 pm – 2.55 pm AEDT (10.00 am – 10.55 am WIB)
  • Closing remarks: 2.55 pm – 3.00 pm AEDT (10.55 am – 11.00 am WIB)

Register for ‘Supporting the development and aspirations of South Sulawesi’s youth’ here

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Pratiwi Hamdhana

Managing Director

Jana Hertz

Team Leader
Knowledge Sector Initiative

Binar Lestari

Think Policy Society

Andi Darmawan Bintang

Head of Manpower &
Transmigration Office
South Sulawesi

Valerina Daniel

Industry Fellow for Comms
and Women Leadership
The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Dr Reni Suwarso

AIC Senior Fellow
Universitas Indonesia

A/Prof Wolfram Dressler

AIC Senior Fellow
The University of Melbourne

Dr Wilmar Salim

AIC Senior Fellow
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Helen Brown

Head, Comms & Outreach

Kirsten Bishop

Minister Counsellor,
Gov’nance & Human
Australian Embassy