3 December: Addressing public health and disability issues affecting youth in South Sulawesi within a COVID-19 context


Improved health in individuals and across a community is a key factor in inclusive economic growth and development. South Sulawesi is the ninth-largest provincial economy in Indonesia and has growth rates higher than the national average, but high rates of disability and poor mental health mean that this development is likely to be unequal, leaving the most vulnerable behind. The COVID-19 pandemic has likely compounded this, as South Sulawesi is one of the worst hit provinces outside Java.

On Day 4, the final day of the Summit, the AIC welcomed experts, including members of PAIR’s Research Advisory Panel, to discuss issues of health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on youth, in South Sulawesi. Following this, the AIC hosted a panel discussion featuring PAIR researchers, who presented their findings to date and their plans for the next stage of their research. They will ultimately provide advice to the government on how to improve health outcomes for young people especially women, and people with disability and people with poor mental health in South Sulawesi.

Indonesian and Australian Government representatives delivered opening and closing remarks.

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Prof Nurdin Abdullah

Governor of South Sulawesi

Dr Elan Satriawan

Chief of Policy
Working Group

Erna Witoelar

Former UN Special Ambassador
for MDGs in the Asia Pacific

Dr Ishak Salim

Indonesian Diffabel Movement
for Equality

Prof Budu

SulSel Development
Acceleration Team

Dr Hasnawati Saleh

PAIR Research
Coordinator, AIC

Professor Anu Rammohan

AIC Senior Fellow
The University of
Western Australia

Dr Sudirman Nasir

AIC Senior Fellow
Universitas Hasanuddin

Dr Christrijogo Sumartono

AIC Senior Fellow
Universitas Airlangga

Helen Brown

Head, Comms & Outreach

Allaster Cox

Deputy Head of Mission
to Indonesia,
Australia Embassy Jakarta