24 November: Sustainable development of South Sulawesi’s seaweed industry


The seaweed industry is a priority growth sector for the Indonesian Government. Indonesia is the largest producer in the world of carrageenan seaweed, which produces an ingredient used in the food industry. And the province of South Sulawesi is the biggest producer in Indonesia. But despite its huge potential, the industry remains under-utilised and under-developed.

The AIC welcomed experts, including members of PAIR’s Research Advisory Panel, to a policy forum to hear about Indonesia’s efforts to invigorate the industry. This was followed by a panel discussion with PAIR researchers, who discussed their findings to date and their plans for the next stage of their research, which will ultimately provide advice on sustainable upgrading of South Sulawesi’s seaweed industry.

Indonesian and Australian Government representatives delivered opening and closing remarks.

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Bambang Brodjonegoro

Minister of Research
& Technology
Republic of Indonesia

Musdhalifah Machmud

Deputy Minister for C’rdinating
Ministry for Economic Affairs
Republic of Indonesia

Professor Jamaluddin Jompa

Advisor for Marine Ecology
Republic of Indonesia

Ir Sulkaf S Latief, MM

Head of Fishery Office
South Sulawesi Province

Asdar Marsuki

Operational Director
Trace Farm Indonesia,
Indonesian Seaweed Assoc

Dr Hasnawati Saleh
PAIR Research
Coordinator, AIC
Professor Nunung Nuryartono

AIC Senior Fellow
IPB University

Dr Scott Waldron

AIC Senior Fellow
The University of Queensland

Helen Brown
Head, Comms & Outreach
Bronwyn Robbins

Australia Consul-General
in Makassar
Australian Government