PAIR Summit 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt economies, jobs, education and health systems in Indonesia. A post-pandemic recovery will require important evidence to make immediate and long-term strategic decisions. It will need new ways to bolster health systems and protect livelihoods. It will take businesses to invest in new opportunities and open avenues for strengthening the partnership between Indonesia and Australia.

To address the pressing challenges caused by the pandemic and identify opportunities for closer cooperation, this year’s PAIR Digital Summit features discussions with influential thought leaders from academia, policy, business and community organisations. The summit draws on a series of COVID-19 research reports produced under the Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR). The reports provide timely analysis on three themes: health security, stability and economic recovery.

Day one’s focus is on health data integration, protecting healthcare workers and behavioural change. Day two explores stability with a closer look at the creative economy and how young people are dealing with the pandemic. We also consider COVID’s forgotten victims, the disability community. On day three we shift our focus to economic recovery with discussions on strategies for the tourism industry and tackle the challenging question: health or the economy, making the best impossible decision during COVID-19.

Health, society and recovery

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The Summit will be held live on Zoom and you are encouraged to submit questions prior to the event to engage with the presenters. All presentations will be made available for viewing after the event.