Sustainable upgrading of the South Sulawesi seaweed industry

As one of the recognised commodities that sustains tens of thousands of households along the Indonesian coastline, the government is seeking informed solutions to expand and modernise the seaweed industry.


Ecotourism potential of the proposed railway line in South Sulawesi

The new and first railway line in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia was initially proposed for freight and industrial mobilisation but its function can be further expanded to include public transport and boost various economic sectors, including ecotourism.


Creating fairer trade in South Sulawesi’s seaweed supply chain ecosystem

Despite being the largest seaweed producer in Indonesia, the exports from the province of South Sulawesi still fall short of global demand. This report helps to understand the ongoing supply chain ecosystem and how it can be improved to create a fairer trade and generate further revenue at local and national levels.