Developing a rapid assessment for seaweed qualities

This report is part of a series of studies that aim to improve the Indonesian seaweed industry by increasing the standard of seaweed produced as well as providing a useful tool for monitoring and measuring seaweed quality.


It report puts a focus on the province of South Sulawesi because of the  importance of the industry as a source of income for more than 35,000 households. The Indonesian government recognises the potential for an improved seaweed industry to reduce poverty in coastal communities.

Our report is part of a comprehensive investigation into the South Sulawesi seaweed value chain, covering everything from production to consumption.

We focused on developing a non-invasive and rapid infrared technique for measuring the composition and quality of seaweed. As part of this, we collected and analysed seaweed samples from low-income producers using modern methods based on infrared technology and data analytics. We aimed to provide producers and the industry with a tool that can effectively monitor and measure seaweed quality.

Read the full ‘Developing a rapid assessment for seaweed qualities’ report here 


We propose four policy recommendations to achieve growth and efficiency in the seaweed industry in South Sulawesi.

  • increase carrageenan seaweed production
  • conduct further location tests
  • conduct further tests of quality control methods
  • conduct further equipment checks

Feature image by PAIR