Improving South Sulawesi young people’s health and wellbeing

Women in veils seated at table and talking

Agriculture is a key element of South Sulawesi’s economic and social profile.

It provides work and contributes to national income, but also faces many challenges (Ramadanti, April 2020). The province is a key source of rice for eastern Indonesia (The Jakarta Post, 23 March 2016). The people working as farmers and their families face a set of challenges that are different to the urban populations and need to be analysed in context.

This project investigates factors influencing the health and socio-economic wellbeing of people from farming communities in three rural districts of South Sulawesi — Maros, Pangkep and Barru and uses the knowledge to improve people’s health and wellbeing. The three districts have large agricultural or aquacultural communities, with many people earning a living as rice or seaweed farmers.


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Our research has led us to make recommendations to policymakers:

  • Governments need to strengthen capacity, training and funding for Puskesmas healthcare workers to enable them to provide quality services for people with disabilities and those facing mental health issues.
  • Governments should continue to use the Dana Desa program to improve health worker capacity and training and to alleviate poverty more generally.
  • That effort should be directed towards reducing the prevailing stigma and lack of awareness surrounding mental health issues.


Feature image by PAIR.